Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Steps to apply Gel Nails

If you have been using acrylic nail systems in the past, you really should move a step forward and try gel nail enhancement. Not only does it offer a much more shinny overlay, it also gives you a more long lasting and durable experience. You can also expect less odor and harm done to your nails. By curing the gel with an UV lamp, you can get them done in minutes without waiting for it to dry or harden...etc. Note that gel application is like a piece of art work where practice makes perfect. It is okay to make a little mess and dripping at the beginning, you will eventually master the art after more applications.
Below are some simple instructions on how to use gel:
- Wash hand for sanitary purpose (use anti-bac spray)
- Remove any nail polish left on the nails
- Gently buff off the shine using a 100/180 grit file
- Push back the cuticles with an orange wood stick (trim cuticle if required)
- Cut nails if required (if you are going to do nail extension with nail tips, do leave a bit of your  natural nail tips uncut for the artificial nail tips to attach on securely)***
This part is for tips extension only:
- Attach the tips with the correct size to each nail and file to blend in
- File the rest of the tip (do not file off the designs if you are using our pre-designed nail tips)
- Remove dust with a dusting brush and spray with anti-bac again
- Spray on nail prep which assist in removing any excessive oil there is on the nail bed
***Skip to this part if you do not need to do tips extension
- Apply primer to all nails and let dry (for bonding with the gel, therefore, do not accidentally apply this product to the cuticle area)
- Apply a thin coat of base gel to the nails of one hand (brush on like nail polish)
- Cure under UV lamp for 1-3 minutes (refer to the instructions of the brand of gel you are using and depending on your lamp. In general a 9 watt lamp would required 3 mins to cure while a 36 watt lamp would only take 1.5 min)
- Do the same of the other hand and cure
- Apply a second coat of builder gel to the first hand by forming a bead on the nail bed. Push the bead towards the cuticle and pull to the nail tips to spread it evenly.
- Turn the hand over for about 20 seconds so the gel with go to the center and create a natural curve
- Cure and apply more coats if required (at least 3 coats altogether is recommended)
- Remember to cure the last coat longer (after applying the sealant coat) (at least 2-3 mins longer than the first few coats to set the gel better)
- File the gel if necessary and apply the cleanser plus with a lint free cotton pad. This will remove the stickiness and brings out the natural shine of the gel
- Note that you must buff the entire nail bed again if you need to reapply some gel for whatever reason
These steps can be used for both UV gels and soak off gels.
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